About us

Our Profile

Our in-depth understanding and hands-on experience of working with corporate conglomerates marquee customersenable you to leverage the business relationship and convert it to a success storyallows our team to enable you to meet very specificgoals and outcomes. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals is specialized We work with you in planning concepts, creating designs and implementing ideas, which ultimately ensures excellence in our servicesthat your budgets are used wisely and tangible results are produced. Successful events don’t happen by chance or by trial and error—it requires thoughtful planning, profound deep proficiency and attention to detail.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our vast network and professional association with a variety of vendors ensure that we can provide anything you need. Simply put, you name it and we’ll provide it. We are associated with luxury hotels, event venues and specialized vendors who operate world-wide and offer world-class services. With CMC Live handling your event, you can be sure to have the best ingredients going into creating the perfect dish.

Flexible Working Model

We understand that each customer is unique and has different requirements. Clients can hand-pick select services, so that the event turns out exactly as they envisioned. Moreover, this working model is more economical for our clients as they pay only for the specific services. But, if you require a package service, we can provide that too! Experience has shown that this flexibility works best for our clients. With either engagement model, we are always by your side to ensure that defined success criteria are truly met.